My name is Cathy and I make jewelry…among other things. Hopefully I’ll be able to retire in a few years and then I can make jewelry all the time. But for now it’s more of a hobby. Crocheting is another hobby – and  scrapbooking – and sewing. And since I didn’t already have enough to keep me busy – photography has become my latest adventure.

Richard, my husband, and I have four grandsons, ages 15, 15, 12, and 212 and a granddaughter, age 6. The 15 year-olds are twins. My weekends are filled with sporting events, dance recitals and craft shows.

We live in NW Ohio, but I am originally from Kentucky. I love Ohio State football and Kentucky basketball.

Hopefully you will enjoy my blog, visit my websites and find a piece of jewelry that you just can’t live without! And soon I will be converting one of my online stores to photography.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Ohio? Me too. Dayton here.

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